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Policy ID: cdce28f4d93df8fe5d11d0303982a364767ec20895c4cd003e6a2922


Aquadano ICO participants that send ADA to the address below will receive 10% of their AQDO in return within hours, not instantly, as it will be sent manually. The remaining 90% will be distributed 30% at a time every month, starting 30 days after the ICO concludes (See Roadmap for more.) The ICO will conclude no later than the 31st of October 2022. If there are remaining tokens, they will be added to liquidity and marketing (See Tokenomics.)  The minimum purchase of AQDO is 20 ADA and a maximum of 20,000 ADA. Your Aquadano Tokens will be sent to the address of the ADA that is received. ​

Aquadano is available in 3 increments, depending on the amount of ADA per transaction.

20 - 299 $ADA = 200 Aquadano Tokens Per ADA

IE: 100 $ADA = 20,000 Aquadano Tokens

300+ ADA will receive an additional 25% Aquadano Tokens

(250 Aquadano Tokens Per ADA)

IE: 400 ADA = 100,000 Aquadano Tokens


Investments of 800+ ADA will be 2x

(400 Aquadano Tokens Per ADA)

IE: 1,000 ADA =  400,000 AQDO along with 1/1 Aquadano NFT. 

If you would like more than 1 NFT, please send separate transactions. 

The Aquadano Stake Pool will be live Q4 2022

Please send your ADA to our address below and your Aquadano Tokens (and NFT if applicable) will be returned within 24 hours, typically much sooner.

Thank you and HANG LOOSE!


AQDO Address:  addr1qxqta3wvuf2r7rux84lmpehxknykknlz9emw7xx9006k67wgvw25pf6ap50nh5x5z8zg4kgyy8ufwft3avn4hfm3p8csc0hdxy


Remember, do not send ADA from an exchange as AQDO is not returnable to an exchange. If you need help with choosing the right Cardano wallet for you, please contact us on Twitter or Discord, we are happy to help.

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