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What is Aquadano?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Aquadano is an organization contributing to the preservation of our oceans, beaches and the marine wildlife that inhabits these areas.

What do we do?

As we move forward beach clean up events will be organized by us for the community to physically participate. We will be starting our efforts in Southern California and will continue until we are across the world. This is of course in addition to our contributions made to global organizations that are saving marine wildlife, cleaning our oceans and beaches.

How it Works

100% of Net Profits will be contributed to the conservation of our oceans, beaches and the marine wildlife that inhabits these areas. Stake pools will be created to stake your ADA and receive Aquadano tokens in return. The ADA rewards will be directly donated to organizations that contribute to our worthy causes. 10% of Aquadano Tokens are also set aside to contribute to our cause and will be incrementally attributed to our partnered organizations and our own clean up and awareness efforts that will be organized as we move forward. The Aquadano NFT collection will be available soon. All profits from the NFT sales will also go directly to saving our whales, dolphins, reefs and cleaning our beaches. Cardano was chosen as our path, as there is no better organization to build on than the one that is on it's way to positive worldwide impact. We wish to be a part of that goal in our own way. Aquadano will create a way for the community to not only create benefits for our marine life and beaches, but will create value in the organization and Aquadano Token for AQDO HODLERS.

#aquadano #saveouroceans #protectmarinelife #keepourbeachesclean

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